A Summer Experience for Diaspora Palestinian Youth and Friends
(Age 14-17)


Volunteer work has always been an integral component of Palestinian popular culture. All though the concept of volunteer work has undergone various changes. It has existed for as long as Palestinians have harvested olive trees, if not longer, back then it was referred to as "society aid".

youths were always heavily involved in such activities, whether it was harvesting olive trees, building houses, digging wells, or similar activity. Giving them a greater sense of devotion for their heritage, and a sense of responsibility towards their communities.

In hopes of developing this sense of devotion and responsibility towards Palestine, and giving kids a chance to learn about the difficulties that their community faces We will involve Go Palestine campers in a few voluntary service activities that they will feel proud of achieving.

  Previous summer service projects have included:


For more information on previous years' experiences, visit our videos page.